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Effects Pedals

Vox StompLab 2B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal

Vox StompLab 2B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal $99.99

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Bass Effects Pedal with Modeled Amps and Effects, 100 Presets, USB, and Expression PedalCompact Pedal with Tons of Sound

The compact (yet feature-laden) Vox StompLab IIB is perfect for musicians who want a ton of tones in a small space. Using the same sound engine as Vox's VT+ amps and ToneLab multi-effects units, the StompLab offers 100 gig-quality presets for any style of music. An intuitive and easy to navigate layout makes the StompLab IIB perfect for both seasoned pros and beginners. You can create your ideal bass sound choosing from 60 types of programmable effects. Cut down your gear clutter onstage with the Vox StompLab IIB.

Vox StompLab IIB Bass Modeling Effects Processor at a Glance:
Easy layout lets you find your tones fast
Design your perfect bass sound with a library of effects

Easy layout lets you find your tones fast

The lVox StompLab IIB's interface was designed to be easy to use for any level of musician. Sounds are divided into categories such as rock, blues, metal, and jazz, making it easier than ever to find killer sounds. The StompLab IIB has 10 categories that house 10 different presets based on that particular musical style. The StompLab IIB includes a built-in expression pedal for real-time control over volume and effects parameters. You'll be amazed at how fast you can find the bass tones you want with the Vox StompLab IIB.

Design your perfect bass sound with a library of effects

Bass players are always trying to find the perfect tone. The Vox StompLab IIB gives you 61 different effects to create your ideal tone and save it. You can either edit existing sounds or start from scratch; with 10 amp choices you're bound to find one that suits your sound. Sculpt your tone by stacking up to eight effects in each preset. The Vox StompLab contains an entire music store worth of great-sounding amps, pedals, and effects to create your signature sound.

Vox StompLab IIB Bass Modeling Effects Processor Features:
100 preset patches for all styles of music
Rugged metal housing
61 tweakable effects to create your own sounds
Built-in tuner and headphone amp
Runs on 4 AA batteries or optional AC adapter

Get the bass sounds you need in a compact unit with the Vox StompLab IIB!

Vox StompLab IIG Modeling Guitar Effect Processor


Vox StompLab IIG Modeling Guitar Effect Processor $99.99

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The StompLab series of effect pedals are impressive new contenders that pack powerful sounds into compact and sophisticated looking metal bodies. Sound variations are categorized by style, such as rock, blues, and ballad, making it easy for even novice users to recall the desired sound. In addition to the StompLab IG's dedicated guitar modeling and the StompLab IB dedicated bass modeling, the lineup also includes the StompLab IIG and IIB which provide an expression pedal. With high-quality looks, plus its high quality sound, the StompLab series will be a great companion for the guitarist or bassist for years to come.

First check out the sounds!
Multi-effects units contain an incredibly diverse array of sounds that range from distorted to clean, and the sheer number of these sounds can be staggering. Although having a large number of sounds is a great advantage, it can also overwhelm the novice user, causing difficulty or confusion. The StompLab series is designed to be easily usable, even by novice players. Since each program is named with a musical style, such as rock, blues, or metal. You'll be able to find the perfect sound without being concerned with specific effect names. The musical styles are categorized into ten types, and cover everything from straight-ahead traditional styles to quirky, unusual sounds. There are ten variations for each category, so you're sure to find sounds you like.

Create your own original sounds!
Simply playing the preset sounds is a lot of fun, but you'll definitely want to create some of your own original sounds as well. The StompLab IIG contains 104 types of modeling effects. These effects are categorized as pedal, amp, drive, cabinet, modulation, delay, and reverb effects. When noise reduction is included, you can use up to 8 of them simultaneously. Each effect type provides multiple parameters that you can deeply edit to create your perfect sound. Since the sound engine is equivalent to those featured on the worldwide best-selling VT+ series of modeling amps and the ToneLab series of multi-effect units, you need no further guarantee of quality. Sounds you create can be saved as 20 user programs.

It looks great!
The StompLab series was designed with great care, not only for its sounds, but also for its superb aesthetic. You'll never get tired of the cool metallic exterior. The pedal design is reminiscent of the vintage VOX wah pedals, which is sure to boost inspiration. One of the attractions of the StompLab series is the high-quality appearance, which is unheard of among other compact multi-effect units. It sounds excellent, it looks great and it's compact enough to fit into a gig bag, so you can take it along with you anywhere your music takes you, quickly and easily.

Use the expression pedal for realtime control!
The StompLab IIG and IIB are equipped with an expression pedal that can be used to control wah and volume, and also the parameters of each effect. You'll be free to create unique original sounds that you've never heard before.

Packed with convenient functions including a tuner!
The StompLab series has a built-in chromatic tuner, so you won't need to provide one separately. The three-LED indicator makes tuning easy. For convenience on stage, there's a mute function that lets you tune without being heard by others. Headphones can also be connected, so you'll be able to play at home late into the night without disturbing anyone. Battery operation makes these units easily portable, letting you enjoy serious sound from your guitar or bass wherever you go.

Vox TG2DDDL Tone Garage Double Deca Delay Pedal

Vox TG2DDDL Tone Garage Double Deca Delay Pedal $159.99

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A Versatile Delay Pedal

Vox has created a lush, thick delay pedal with the Double Deca Delay. Utilizing a trio of the famous 3205 BBD chips, the Double Deca Delay delivers the deep, rich delays that you want. Choose short or long delay modes, or mix them together for an ambient tonal character. An independent modulation knob adds a dash of chorus to your sound. From traditional tape echo delay up to 900ms of spacious delay, this pedal has you covered. Expand your tonal palette with the Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay pedal.

Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay at a Glance:
Meticulously designed discreet circuitry for optimal tone
True-bypass design for pure tone
Built to take the rigors of the road

Meticulously designed discreet circuitry for optimal tone

When Vox designed the Double Deca Delay pedal, they went all in. This effects pedal only uses individual parts such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, and more. Following old-school designs, the Double Deca Delay uses three famed 3205 bucket-brigade device chips. In short mode, only one chip is used, but in long mode, all three chips are used for 900ms of delay! Each part of the Double Deca Delay was carefully selected for optimal tone and response.

True-bypass design for pure tone

You get a pedal for the sound it gives you, but when you turn it off, you want it silent and out of your signal chain. Vox's Double Deca Delay features a true-bypass switching design to keep your signal pure. This pedal won't color your sound once you turn it off.

Built to take the rigors of the road

There's nothing worse than a pedal that falls apart after a few years of use. The rugged aluminum die-cast body of the Vox Double Deca Delay will last gig after gig.

Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay Features:
Analog delay pedal built using the famous 3205 bucket-brigade chip
3 delay modes: short, long, or both
Modulation knob adds a chorus effect to your signal
All-discrete circuitry
True-bypass design
Rugged aluminum die-cast body that stands up to the rigors of the road
Powered by 6 x AA batteries or optional 9v adapter

Add a new texture to your sound with the versatile Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay pedal!

Vox V845 Classic Wah Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

Vox V845 Classic Wah Wah Guitar Effects Pedal $99.99


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The Vox V845 Classic Wah Wah Guitar Effects Pedal is based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by VOX in the '60s. The V845 Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy but very affordable design. The fitted AC power connector saves on batteries and the outer case is coated with tough all-black finish making the VOX Classic Wah-Wah a perfect choice for your pedal board.

VOX developed the world's first Wah Wah effect during the '60s to give guitarists the ability to sound like a trumpet being muted-an important musical ingredient of the day. VOX's original Wah Wah pedal quickly gained widespread popularity and its unique sonic characteristics have encouraged further experimentation by guitarists ever since.

Vox Lil' Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Vox Lil' Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal $169.99

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The VOX Lil' Looper looper multi-effect pedal combines two independent loops with a dozen onboard effects and shares many of the winning features of the VOX Dynamic Looper. The easy-to-use design, solid footswitches, 12 versatile effects and layering loops are ideal for guitarists who want to break new ground in looped performances. The Loop Quantize feature creates perfect length loops on the beat and lets you synchronize the two loops to a specified tempo. Lil' Looper offers the additional convenience of being compact, lightweight and battery operated. A Mic input allows any mic'd instrument or vocalist to enjoy the power of the Lil' Looper.
Dual pedal design allows recording, playback, overdubbing and switching between 2 independent loops
Record 90 seconds on 2 independent loops
Infinite overdubbing with Undo/Redo
Loop Quantize lets you create phrases of a precise length or synchronize the two loops to a tempo
1/4" input; Loop one or both sources for more possibilities
A total of 12 built-in effects, including effects for guitar and mic input


Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 $299.99

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Multi-Effects Pedal
AMPLIFi FX100 provides a fast and fun path to great tone, so you can tap into your creative zone and stay there. Dial up amazing tones – including the award-winning Line 6 tones behind thousands of hit recordings – with unprecedented speed and precision. Connect AMPLIFi FX100 to your amplifier or speaker system, and change the way you create, rehearse and jam.

Fender FWP-1 Wah Pedal

Fender FWP-1 Wah Pedal $89.99


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Wah Pedal with Cast-metal Chassis, Internal Buffered/Classic Output Switch, LED Indicator, and Non-slip Rocker PedalThe world of electric guitar has certain words like FENDER® and Wah that are institutions. The Fender FWP-1 Wah Pedal brings them together in a tough, versatile, and easy to use package. As Sweetwater guitarists have often dealt with, wah pedals sometimes don't play nice with certain other pedals. Inside the FWP-1's durable cast-metal chassis resides a buffered/classic output switch for tailoring your wah pedal to your effects. You can also rest easy know when the pedal's engaged with the LED indicator. The Fender FWP-1 Wah Pedal is a classic in the making.

Fender FWP-1 Wah Pedal Features:
Internal buffered/classic output switch for versatility
On/off LED indicator
Durable cast-metal chassis
AC and 9-volt batter operation options
Non-slip rocker pedal






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