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Yamaha DTX400K

Yamaha DTX400K $499.99

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The DTX400K features 10 legendary drum kits and training functions plus newly developed drum pads, large cymbals and new silent kick unit. Combine all this with large 10" cymbals and hi-hat and you get a great feeling drum kit that lets you to play without disturbing others. The DTX400 trigger module has the highest quality sounds in its class, interactive training functions and built-in practice songs. The DTX400K is perfect for anyone who wants to get into drumming.

Yamaha HW-780 5-Piece Hardware Pack

Yamaha HW-780 5-Piece Hardware Pack $299.99

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Drum Hardware Pack with 2 Cymbal Stands, 1 Hi-hat Stand, 1 Snare Stand, and 1 Foot Pedal
Load up with the Yamaha HW-780, and you'll be armed with all the drum hardware you need. This value-packed hardware bundle is loaded with Yamaha's rugged, proven hardware. There are two CS-755 boom cymbal stands, one HS-740A hi-hat stand, and one SS-740A snare stand. You also get one FP-7210A foot pedal. There's no way around it, if you're going to drum, you need reliable drum hardware. Get it all with the Yamaha HW-780!

Yamaha HW-780 Drum Hardware Pack Features at a Glance:
Complete drum hardware package
2 CS-755 boom cymbal stands
1 HS-740A hi-hat stand
1 SS-740A snare stand
1 FP-7210A foot pedal

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-piece Drum Kit With Hardware - Raven Black

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-piece Drum Kit With Hardware - Raven Black $949.99

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5-piece Drum Kit with 22" Bass Drum, 10" and 12" Rack Toms, 16" Floor Tom, 14" Snare, and 780 Series Hardware - Raven Black
Outfitted with rock-solid 780 series hardware, Yamaha's 5-piece Stage Custom Birch drum kits received a very cool upgrade for 2014. The thing that impressed the drummers here at Sweetwater, when we got to check out this kit, was the extended punch and rumble the Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System offers, rewarding heavier strokes with added volume instead of flabbing out. Coupled with the natural open and crisp sound birch shells have to offer, the whole kit just sounds bigger and bolder than you'd expect. Other quality hardware we're sure you'll love include resin-buffered die-cast claw hooks, ball mounts, and clamps, which give your Stage Custom Birch drum kit extraordinary stability while decreasing rattle.

Yamaha 5-piece Stage Custom Birch Drum Kit (v2) Features:
An exceptional acoustic drum kit for gigging and recording drummers
100%-birch shells provide open tone with a crisp attack and warm resonance
A complete set of 780 series hardware offers superior stability and minimal rattle
Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS) brings out the rumble and resonance of each shell
Bass drum legs with stoppers make setting up your kick easy

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set $699.99

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The DTX400 series electronic drums bring Yamaha quality and technology to a new level of affordability. The DTX450K is powered by the DTX400 module that features 169 professional acoustic drum and percussion sounds with Accent Articulation for dynamic expression. Play along to 10 songs and customize 10 kits to match your style. Or practice with interactive training functions featuring Voice Guidance.

The pads feature oversized 10" ride, hi-hat and crash cymbals, while the 7" drum pads have been redesigned for greater playability, authenticity and durability. The TP70S snare pad is a 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot and side-stick effects. As far as hardware goes, the DTX450K includes a Yamaha FP6110 belt-drive bass drum pedal and a KP65 kick pad that provide an authentic kick drum feel. The remote HH65 hi-hat controller pedal allows "half-open" hi-hat sounds for expression usually found on much higher priced kits. A longer floor tom bar (PCY90AT) enables the addition of an extra cymbal, while chrome hardware offers a cleaner, professional look. The steel rack delivers a solid framework for your playing experience.

Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Set with 20" Bass Drum  White Grape Glitter

Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Set with 20" Bass Drum White Grape Glitter $599.99

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An outstanding entry-level kit from Yamaha.

The Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Set is the perfect solution for beginning or intermediate drummers who want the quality of a Yamaha drum kit, without the hefty price tag.

Includes a 20" kick drum, 10" and 12" mounted toms, a 14" floor tom, and 14" x 5-1/2" wood snare. This set also includes a Yamaha 600-series straight cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and an FP6110A single kick drum pedal.

The Gigmaker kick drum shell is 7 plies of basswood/poplar, and the floor toms, rack toms, and snare drum shells are 6 plies of basswood/poplar. Each drum is equipped with triple-flange, 1.6mm steel hoops and pro-quality lugs-eight on the kick and snare, six on the rack and floor toms. The springless design of these popular Yamaha drum lugs is structured to effectively eliminates unwanted noise.

Basswood and poplar shells
Lowest formaldehyde content exceeds stringent global standards for adhesives
Distinctive Yamaha tom ball mount
Power-depth bass drum
Universal-depth mounted toms
Matching wood bass drum hoops
Matching wood snare drum
Yamaha double-braced hardware
Yamaha 600-series straight cymbal stand, snare stand, and hi-hat stand
FP6110A single kick drum pedal








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